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4 Reasons A Man Does Not Like To Talk About Marriage

February 14, 2015

There Are (4) Reasons A Man Does Not Like To Talk About Marriage:

  1. He feels pressured and pursued by the woman he is dating- A man is a hunter by divine nature.  He wants to pursue his woman.  Her pursuit of him is a turnoff and he becomes disengaged in a conversation about marriage.
  2. He is not financially stable- A man wants to feel like he can adequately provide for his wife.  When he knows that he is not positioned to do so he will avoid the marriage conversation.
  3. He is aware of the fact that the divorce rate is high- If he concludes that married couples are miserable he is in no rush to join the miserably married, therefore he avoids the marriage conversation.
  4. He has not inherited the legacy of successful marriages- When a man is the product of a broken home and has only known his elders to date and cohabitate without being married, a conversation about marriage does not appeal to him.  After all he is living his normal and it is comfortable.                                                                                                                                         

Some women avoid the conversation because they fear rejection or loss of the relationship.  Confirmation of his unwillingness to marry her forces her to make a decision to move on or accept the fact that she will not get what she desires.  She would rather not deal with the thought of those possibilities.  It is easier not to know.  In order to make the marriage conversation less intimidating and uncomfortable, agree to have open honest discussions about marriage and all the feelings associated with it at 6 to 12 month intervals.  Allow the man to lead the discussion.  If he continues to avoid the conversation, move on without him.


Rev. Kimberly Thorpe LMSW

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