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1. Separation, Divorce or Staying And Being Miserable Are Not Your Only Options.
2. It Takes Two To Get Your Relationship Back On Track, You And God.
3. What To Do If Your Mate Wants a Divorce.


Thought provoking articles/blogs for you to feast on.  I am excited to address current events and write on topics that will make you say hmmmm!!!!  You can look forward to topics like: Why Do I Have to Submit?  When No One Else Sees Me, God DoesHow to Bring Value to the Marketplace. When Christians Collide in Marriage.

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Do you want a dynamic speaker, coach, and consultant who can passionately motivate, critically evaluate, inspire, and transform people and organizations? Kimberly can develop customized services, speaking topics, presentations, and workshops to meet your needs. 

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Kimberly Thorpe is accessible to media and news professionals, to contribute insight and wisdom, on various topics specific to women, teens, couples, families and business owners (how to motivate staff and increase productivity). 

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