Here's what people are saying about working with Kimberly Thorpe & Reviews on her lastest Book:

Your book was a blessing to be … I finally read and finished it….. You have inspired me to be more focused and dedicated in the fight for my marriage and to return to consistency in my prayer life and time with God.  I realize I have been slacking and the devil seized the opportunity as we know he will.  I feel renewed and invigorated to proceed in God's purpose for our lives and I know it is greater than me … Your book is awesomely anointed!!!!

Dr. Rockell Rogers-Branhan


Thank you for all that you do for me personally and the community as a whole.  You are a strong black beautiful gifted spiritual woman taking charge and effectively changing lives.  I respect and admire all that you do!!  Keep your head up high.

Kalamazoo Family Health Center

Denise Crawford, President & C.E.O.


Kimberly Thorpe accepts the most difficult and hard to place young males and females into her youth program. Mrs. Thorpe is always kind and compassionate to the youth and me as well. Mrs. Thorpe is one that will go above and beyond to make sure that young people have whatever is necessary to be successful.

Department Of Human Services

Kristen Stewart MSW


Kimberly Thorpe is a  Phenomenal Transformational Speaker, she has empowered many to walk into their purpose.  Through her Transformational Coaching, I too have been inspired to start my own business.

Eatonia Williams


We applaude Kimberly Thorpe for being a woman of transformational change.  Her own life embodies this belief as she inspires and empowers other to unleash thier personal vision to walk into thier purpose.  Thank you for your passion to lead others into change.

Pastor Jason & Minister Ebony Robinson

Reach Church, Ypsilanti, MI.