As individuals we must be willing to continuously allow the way we think, see and process our experience to transform, if we want to move forward in life.  During a Kimberly Thorpe Speaks Transformational Workshop, you will be inspired, empowered and challenged to reach higher and think bigger than you, to go all out and become the best you can be.  Kimberly believes that you have an assignment and you have been called to move forward beyond your imagination.  Kimberly will lead you on a discovery to answer the important questions, "Why am I here?"  "Why was I created?" " What type of impact will I make in this world?"

In order to grow as a business, you must be willing to see your business through a different lens.  Kimberly speaks to all audiences and provides personalized cutting-edge business coaching and presentations in leadership and personal development for those innovative businesses, corporations, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations who are wanting to hold the superior standards of leadership, quality and prosperity in all aspects of their business.