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Ladies Stay Focused

February 16, 2015
Kimberly encourages ladies to seek God instead of another woman's husband.

Don't allow the enemy to trick you into hiding behind a Christian title while in pursuit of another woman's husband.  Do you really just want to be her husband's friend?  Like the serpent in the garden, you have become the third voice in the mist of husband and wife.  I know you desire to be loved, and I empathize with your unconscious tendency to hurt others, primarily because you carry so much pain.  If you get what your flesh desires, he will always think about her.  You will never be free of the guilt of interfering with that union no matter how broken or shattered it is.  The fact that you share interest with him and he makes you laugh, doesn't give you clearance to prey upon their union.  It's sad because he doesn't know who you really are.  You carry around the shell of a scared little girl who has been overlooked, rejected and abandoned by love in your pursuit of happiness. Sister you are in search of the wrong man.  Her man will never be able to take away your pain, or satisfy your insatiable fleshly desires.  Jesus the Son of God is the man for you.  Seek The Lord with the same commitment, and desire that you have sought her husband and I promise you, you will find everything you need and so much more than her husband can offer.  Stay focused!!!!!!!

Reverend Kimberly Thorpe LMSW

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